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Reviews & Testimonials

I think it is fair to say that Candyman loves Zero Proof Horse Treats since he tried to run out of the stall for more.  Also, we are a 100% Mint Julep kind of dude. - Anonymous

I love them!  No one I've fed them to has turned them down. - Allison E. 

My professional taste tester was left licking his chops long after the last treat.  Also, have to hand it to them for the cheekiest marketing.  5/5 stars for Zero Proof Horse Treats. - Lindsay K.

Nino and Stanley love them! - Nancy C.

Pumpkin got to try some delicious cookies from Zero Proof Horse Treats today.  She loved both flavors so much but her favorite was the Mint Julep! - Jessica C. 

My mare loves Zero Proof Horse Treats.   She loves them!  She wanted to stick her nose in the bag!  We've tried the Old Fashioned and Mint Julep flavors and this muddy mare is a fan of both.  I'm so happy we found you guys at Equine Affaire!  I'll definitely buy some more. - Jamie V. 


It was super nice talking to you at Equine Affaire! I am very excited about this product line! My ponies all approve of the Mint Julep. I'm sure they will be equally enthusiastic with the Old Fashioned.
Wishing you the best of luck! - Michelle H. 

Zadermus (who is the only horse who has to wear a halter in the paddock because he loves a good game of chase) comes up to meet me now at the gate every time.  I'm 90% sure it's because he expects the Old Fashioned horse treats.  It's the only thing that has changed in his routine and I think he is in love.  - Peggy H.

We bought these at Equine Affaire this year and our horses LOVE THEM!!! - Jennifer D. 

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